Team - Eng. Mohamed Adam M.Abdi

Eng. Mohamed Adam M.Abdi

Senior WASH and Construction Specialist

Mr.Abdi has a bachelor of science in Civil Engineering with almost five years’ experience in design, supervision and construction in water and building construction.

He graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2014

Eng. Abdi has been a major player at Arlaadi Engineering Company in Baidoa from design engineer, Site Engineer and Projects engineer lately.

During that time he implemented a lot of projects including Baidoa orphanage compound funded by RAF Foundation an international NGO from Qatar.

He then worked QATAR CHARITY as a Site Engineer and implemented a lot of projects mainly Bur-Hakaba Water Project which was the durable solution for long lasted water crisis in Bur-Hakaba.

During his time at QATAR CHARITY he also implemented Bur-Hakaba new Hospital.

He also worked as a Consulting Engineer for Local and International NGOs.

Mr.Abdi has also had advantage working particularly in the areas effected the drought and has been working durable solutions for the Water and Environmental problems.